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At P.S. Designs we do a lot of things, but one thing we are awesome at is communicating with you– our clients.  Our vision in the design world is to create streamlined, dynamic, easily navigable and updateable (is that a word? It is now) websites. Our services extend beyond web design to graphics, brand management, hosting, and even designing and printing your company’s product needs, be it business cards, informative postcards or letterhead.

We really care about design, our clients, the conversation we have with you, and ultimately the conversation that you will be able to have with your clients after working with us.  We focus on subtle, but eye-catching designs, that parallel the minimalist aesthetic of many of our favorite designers and artists. Our artistic knowledge of color theory, pattern, texture and typography combine perfectly in our designs to create the best online storefront for your brand or business.

We would love to have a conversation with you. Get in touch, would ya?


  • Web Design

    We provide web design services in all aspects of the web development process. Some examples are web design (HTML, CSS, graphic design, usability and semantics), web hosting, content management, brand management, marketing, server administration, testing, and deployment. We care about mobile, simplicity, and your ideas. Our goal is to make you happy and allow you to have a conversation with your audience, in a relevant and beautiful way. If you want to learn more about what we offer, get in touch.

  • Graphic Design

    At P.S. Designs, we go beyond the web and provide graphic design services to fit all your needs. Flyers, advertisements, a logo, branding images, custom social media icons, blog buttons, postcards, business and contact cards, we can even design and print your company's Christmas cards or your best friend's wedding invitations. Get in touch to see what all we can do.

  • Brand Management

    You are not the only person that cares about your brand. We care, your friends care, Oprah might care, but most importantly your customers care, or they should. At P.S. Designs we focus on the personalization of your brand. We know what customers want because we are customers. A brand with a voice is very important to us. Let's talk about your brand and what you want your clients to see and hear.

  • Printing

    So, you just got some sweet products designed by our art department and you need a way to show them off? Why not order some print products? At P.S. Designs we provide high quality print products ranging from business cards to car magnets. If ink sticks, we can print it. Get in touch to get a custom quote, from a real person.


1: Consultation

We discuss the client's design requirements, timeline, and aesthetics, ensuring that both parties are in sync.


2: Prototyping

We develop concepts, mockups, and color schemes, then plan and define the requirements for the project.


3: Production

Development begins based on the prototype, timelines and concepts established during the previous stage.


4: Deploy

We work with the client to finalize and perfect the design, then website/product is launched. We celebrate!